Saturday, June 16, 2007

MFDs are not enough when scanning

What is scanning? If you ask this question to twenty different office workers, you will get twenty different answers. The Scanning Multi-function Device (MFD) has placed scanning into the hands of just about every office worker. But the “scanning copier” has its limitations, and sometimes can create more chaos, just moving the paper problem from the file cabinet to the server. The problem I see in most customers is no plan, or strategy, when it comes to storing documents digitally. They take their scanning hardware, and just go for it, with no structure, standardization or foresight. Pretty soon, they experience the same problems they were trying to eliminate: lost files, erroneous naming, misplaced files, etc.Part of the blame should be placed upon the copier resellers, many of which do not fully understand scanning, or the business process that goes along with paper conversion. They recommend the simplest solution, which is not always the best solution for the customer. My main point here, is that all scanning organizations can benefit from some type of capture software to automate the entire process, enforce standards, and provide the ability to ensure quality when scanning and indexing documents.There are several capture applications on the market, from simple and cheap, to the complex and expensive. There are several capture software companies listed in the links section of , as well as some articles explaining the benefits and features. Educate yourself before you purchase, and find a vendor that has a strong knowledge and reference base in the field.

Stephen Boals