Thursday, March 25, 2010

SharePoint 2010 and Document Sets

SharePoint 2010 Document Sets and Organization

One of the really cool features of SharePoint 2010 is Document Sets.  Document sets are just another way to categorize and organize files without having to create a separate SharePoint Library.  The article below gives a great overview on how to utilize them:

SharePoint 2010 Document Sets

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

8 Hot Trends in Scanning, Capture and Imaging

Scanning, Capture and Imaging Trends

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SharePoint and the Document Management Industry

I has been a crazy few years in the Document Management and Enterprise Content Management space, and one of the key factors, in my opinion, is the emergence of SharePoint as a viable option for use as a repository for scanned images. All of the key players are touting their integration with SharePoint, but I am a bit confused? Why would I want to purchase a 6 figure DM/ECM system when I can just use SharePoint. I know, I know, let me I recollect the comments I hear on a daily basis:

  • "SharePoint is not really a Document Management System"
  • "SharePoint doesn't allow searching by columns"
  • "SharePoint lacks the controls that my ECM system offers"
  • "SharePoint uses BLOB storage which is scary"
  • The list goes on....
The industry is in denial, and I hear more and more objections to using the system every day, which makes me think one thing:  Traditional ECM is being challenged constantly, and they are upping their game to try and compete.

Just this week I had two calls where the customers were trying to move off Documentum, and migrate to SharePoint.  Why?  The main reasons are cost and flexibility.   I believe there will soon be a total reset in the industry, both in price and features, as Big ECM struggles to survive in the current environment.  2010 will be an interesting year.