Sunday, September 21, 2008

Should I use SharePoint as a replacement for my file servers?

Should you utilize SharePoint as a replacement for your file server?

Many SharePoint features make it a fantastic replacement for traditional file shares. The product is very strong in two key areas when it comes to files: collaboration and versioning. For those file types, like Word Documents and Spreadsheets, the product provides the ability to share documents with a group, and allow collaboration and change management through its version control functionality. The ability to share over the web makes it simple and easy for all to access files.

So is it time to move all of your file server content to SharePoint? I would say no, and restrict the system to those types of files that fit into the below categories:

-Those that need to be shared over the web
-Files that require input or collaboration from multiple parties
-Whenever version control is required
-Whenever files are subjected to compliance rules

For more information on SharePoint go to ScanGuru SharePoint Information Page.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Captaris Single Click Entry Technology

I played with some cool technology this week. I received my demo version of the Captaris Single Click Entry (SCE) technology. Captaris aquired the application when they purchased Oce Document Technologies (ODT) back in January. The application has a native integration into SharePoint, and allows you to open a TIFF scanned image, and just point and click to enter index fields/columns. So, open an invoice, click on the invoice number field, and presto, you have instant OCR field population. There are some screen shots and an associated article at:

Captaris Single Click Entry for SharePoint Article