Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fujitsu and Kofax Demo

I saw some really cool technology this week at a demo our scanning distributor arranged. It was a joint demonstration with Fujitsu and Kofax. The capture side was the soon to be released Kofax Express. Kofax has built a really powerful capture and imaging application for the consumer on a limited budget. But note, this application has many of the features of a full-blown capture application. Separation, barcode index field population, and release to several formats, inlcudig Microsoft Sharepoint. Along with that, it will include all the image processing features of Kofax VRS 4.2. All this for a price between $495 and $2000, depending on the speed of your scanning device.

Along with the software, demonstrations of the Fujitsu fi-5900C, fi-6140 and fi-6770A were performed. The new Fujitsu line is pretty incredible. The fi-6670 and 6770 are replacements for the previous workhorses, the fi-5650C and fi-5750C. The scanners can also be bundled with built in hardware VRS, as denoted by the "A" in fi-6670A and fi-6770A. So what is new in this product? First of all, the speeds are at 90 ppm now, which places these scanners in a whole new class. Secondly, they have implemented a new multifeed technology that allows the scanner to learn from scanned documents, and ignore sticky notes, or other items like checks which are pasted/taped onto a sheet of paper. This can be a huge time saver.

For more info check out the links at ScanGuru Capture and Scanner Links.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Document Management Site Search with Google

I found my self searching way too many sites when I was looking for specific information, or doing research across sites for Document Management and Scanning. I have created a few Custom Google Search Templates for those of you would like to search across vendor sites for info on Document Imaging. There is a Scanner Manufacturer Custom Search, a Capture Software Custom Search and a Document Management Software Custom Search. For instance, if you wanted to look for HIPAA related articles across all the scanner vendor sites, you can do that. If you want to find all the scanners that support 11x17 paper, it is now possible.

Click the link below to use them:

Document Management Site Searching with Google Custom Search Applets

Let me know if you want any others, or want any other vendors added to the mix.