Monday, April 30, 2012

Oooops. Did someone backup the paper?

If you  look at the headlines over the past few years, you cannot help but notice the number of natural disasters that have occurred.  In my conferences with IT and Departmental Management, I always pose the question when discussing business continuity or disaster planning: Do you have a plan for your paper?   Just about every company has implemented some type of plan for backing up their important digital files.  Some go to the extreme with data snapshots that can be recovered from multiple locations.  But companies typically don't take the same strategy with their paper assets.  The good ole file cabinet, the protector of all things paper will provide protection, right? Companies need to take a good hard look at their paper, and assess the business impact should disaster destroy their file room.  Backing up your paper nowadays is not hard, nor expensive when compared to the legal implications and time it would take to reproduce (if possible) contracts, customer files, sales records and the like. Any paper backup plan involves a concept i call Bridging the Gap (BTG).  BTG involve hardware and capture software to digitize and build the bridge to the digital world, and then a repository on the "other side" to house the records and make search and retrieval simple.  The repository can be as simple as a set of named network folders, or as complex as a true ECM system like MS SharePoint.  Take the initiative and backup your paper today.

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Billy Coulson said...

Good post Stephen. One of our clients recently lost valuable documents when their office caught fire. My company do document scanning and document management but our client were reluctant to use it within their organisations. If you get a spare 5 minutes take a look at our blog and feel free to share and use our content.